Fire Fee Lookup

Fire Fee Lookup

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Look up your fire fee by using your property pin or address. The fire fee is based on the square footage of your improved property, which includes structures that can burn, plus a $100 fee for land. If you have questions about the fire fee, use the contact form and a response will be provided to you. Need to change the address of where your fire fee is mailed? Visit: and click “E-file.”

Square footage and balance information are updated periodically. Payment status may not reflect your most recent payment received. For current payment status, please call LifeQuest customer service at 1-888-428-0161.

To pay your bill online, please visit and enter the service ID "AMB800," your invoice File Number, and your Property PIN # in the lookup below.

Property Pin File Number Property Address Calculated Sq Foot Original Balance Balance Due Status Status Date